Cryptocurrency Law

Cryptocurrency Law: General Counsel Services, Consultations, Investments, and Business Guidance

Cryptocurrency Attorney

At Goldberg Law Group we believe that digital currency already plays an integral part in our business world and that role will only continue to grow. That is precisely why we have a team of attorneys who focus on cryptocurrency law. Our attorneys are dedicated to representing clients in all aspects of the digital currency business from the tiniest details of the legal side of cryptocurrency to assisting in the negotiation of high-level cryptocurrency investments.

Just some of the areas where our cryptocurrency law attorneys can assist you and your company include:

  • General counsel services
  • Consultations on IPO offerings
  • Advising on investments in Cryptocurrency businesses
  • Consultations on the integration of cryptocurrency into existing businesses
  • Advisement on legal consumer protection and data privacy requirements
  • Advisement and guidance of cryptocurrency businesses to ensure compliance with state and federal organizations
  • Drawing up internal business contracts and policies that outline the importance of compliance with all current regulatory laws that touch on the cryptocurrency sector.

While many attorneys claim to handle cryptocurrency law, the truth of the matter is that they are simply business law attorneys who feel that they can apply their business law knowledge to cryptocurrency businesses. Although there is certainly a lot of crossover between the two areas of practice (after all, business is business) to fully counsel clients in cryptocurrency law, it’s crucial to have a full understanding of and experience with the digital currency market.

Cryptocurrency Law Representation with Goldberg Law Group

Locating an attorney who is familiar with cryptocurrency is a challenge, let alone finding one who has a working understanding of the digital currency market, the variations of cryptocurrency, and the legal nuances that govern digital currency. At Goldberg Law Group, our attorneys are proud to serve as a comprehensive resource for cryptocurrency solutions in business. Using years of experience in business law and an in-depth understanding of digital currency, we are able to provide compliance, business transaction, and problem-solving advice.

Cryptocurrency Law Attorneys Must Play an Active Role in Digital Currency Markets

When looking for a reliable and informed cryptocurrency attorney to represent your business interests and provide advisement on compliance, it’s not enough to find an attorney who is knowledgeable or one who has experience with similar cases. It’s also crucial that you retain a cryptocurrency law attorney who plays an active role in digital currency markets. No, we don’t necessarily mean that your attorney should buy, sell, or otherwise deal in digital currency themselves, but we do mean that they should have their ear to the ground and their finger on the pulse of the ever-changing digital currency market.

There are a small few types of digital currency that are well recognized and that seem to dominate the market, however, there are constantly new coin ICO’s and your attorney should have knowledge of these emerging currencies too. Here at Goldberg Law Group, we continuously monitor the digital currency market so that we are both able to provide the best service to our clients, but also so that we can stay well informed on current trends and changes in real-time.

Why You Might Benefit from a Cryptocurrency Law Attorney

There are numerous ways that you and your company can benefit from the service of a digital currency attorney.


Maneuvering Cryptocurrency Financial Regulations


The cryptocurrency market is still widely unregulated (although this is beginning to change), however, there are various financial regulations and infant cryptocurrency laws that must be adhered to when you have a company that deals in digital currency. Whether your company is investing in a digital coin, is providing services or goods in return for digital currency, is creating their own digital coin, or otherwise dealing in digital funds, you need a cryptocurrency law attorney on your team to ensure that you follow all necessary regulations as they apply to you and your situation.

A failure to abide by current crypto-regulations and other financial regulatory laws can result in outlandish fees and fines, the loss of your company, prosecution, and even jail time.  At Goldberg Law Group, no matter what area of digital currency you need advisement on, our experienced attorneys can help.


Corporate Structure Advisement and Contract Creation


If you are planning on starting up any type of business, it’s always prudent to consult a business law attorney to get the process started on the right foot. This becomes even more important when beginning your own cryptocurrency business because of the vastly unknown territory and ambiguous legal constraints in place. Having a cryptocurrency law attorney on your team as you begin your business will ensure that you have the proper foundation when structuring your new company and when creating contracts for employees and investors.

At Goldberg Law Group, we have skilled corporate structure advisors on staff who can assist in ensuring that your business doesn’t start out of the gate breaking the law or otherwise breaching financial regulations. Our attorneys can also help you to ensure that any and all contracts that you develop for your business are designed with the unique nuances of the digital currency market in mind.


Creative Solutions for a Non-Traditional Market


We’re sure you’re sick of us mentioning the novelty of the cryptocurrency market by now, but it’s important to understand just what is required of you when beginning, working in, joining, or taking over a business in such a non-traditional market. Quite often, working in such a market requires creative solutions that can both work with your product or service while also being aware of legal constraints that may not have been created with the crypto-market in mind. At Goldberg Law Group, our attorneys specialize in creating unique business solutions that are built with the special needs of particular industries in mind and we can put those skills to work for your cryptocurrency business too.


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