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In addition to practicing business law, Goldberg Law Group practices commercial litigation in Florida and New York state and federal courts and in mediation and arbitration procedures as it pertains to corporate trade, sales, and commerce.

Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in the various issues that face small and medium-sized businesses particularly those revolving around commercial code, sale and distribution, and financing transactions.

As a smaller law firm, Goldberg Law Group is able to provide the personal attention that your business should receive as you navigate the (sometimes less than clear) waters of commerce. Despite our company size, however, our attorneys have over fifteen years of experience with commercial litigation which includes both trial-level and appellate-level cases. Just some of the areas that our commercial litigation attorneys are experienced in include:

  • Antitrust litigation
  • Securities litigation
  • Run-ins with regulatory bodies
  • Misrepresentation and fraud
  • Zoning issues
  • Intellectual property
  • Franchising
  • Innovation
  • Corporate operations
  • Shareholder rights
  • Partnership and shareholder derivative actions

The Difference Between Commercial Litigation and Business Law

While the terms “commercial litigation” and “business law” are often used interchangeably, they do, in fact, represent two areas of the law that are similar, but not identical.

When we talk about business law, we are talking about a very broad topic that, for the most part, focuses on the basic structure of a business and running that business. Business law is governed by federal and state laws with businesses being required to follow the same federal requirements and with individual states adding to those requirements as they deem necessary.

When we talk about commercial litigation, we are talking about the legal process of handling disputes that occur within a business context. Business law is a much more general term that can refer to any range of legal business elements, for example, setting up a new business, creating contracts for employees, and dissolutions of a business. In contrast, commercial litigation is a single sector of business law that focuses solely on disputes within a business. For example, disputes between partners of a business, issues with shareholders, and breach of contract cases.

How Our Commercial Litigation Attorneys Can Help Your Business

Now that you have a better understanding of what a commercial litigation attorney does, how can our attorneys help your business?

  • Our attorneys are experienced in the more complex nuances of commercial litigation and are better equipped to handle your case with this knowledge.
  • Commercial litigation can be a lengthy process. Our attorneys understand this fact and are “in for the long haul” if necessary, however, we are also dedicated to resolving your case as quickly as possible but never by cutting corners.
  • Commercial litigation often requires the assistance of expert witnesses and in-depth research, both of which our commercial law attorneys have at their disposal.
  • At Goldberg Law Group, we don’t just deal with the more traditional types of businesses when it comes to commercial litigation. With extensive knowledge of e-commerce and the cryptocurrency market, our attorneys are able to provide you with legal counsel that is relevant to the times.

Goldberg Law Group is Dedicated to Providing a Personal Approach to Commercial Litigation

Litigation of any kind can be daunting, however, when that litigation centers around your business, your livelihood, it can be simply overwhelming. At Goldberg Law Group, we understand the complexity that is demanded of commercial litigation cases and we also know that when faced with this type of litigation, it can be very difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, our experienced and skilled attorneys can help.

At Goldberg Law, we are fully dedicated to all of our clients and that means combing through every detail of the facts that surround your commercial litigation case. By providing this type of personal attention, we are able to analyze every aspect of your case. We then utilize advanced research techniques to provide you with large-firm commercial litigation results utilizing a personalized, small company approach.

Our Commercial Law Experts Focuses on What’s BEST For Your Business

There are various types of commercial litigators. Some will take the case information that you provide and do what they have to do to win a case. Some commercial law attorneys will take the approach that they think a client wants them to take in a desperate attempt not to rock the boat. At Goldberg Law Group our attorneys take a more unique and personalized approach to your litigation. Our attorneys will gather information and deeply research the facts of your case and consult with you to determine what your desired outcome of the case is. We then fall back on our years of experience in litigation to develop a legal approach that combines our experience, your desires, and the specifics of your case.


Why don’t our attorneys play “yes men”? Simply put, “yes men” don’t win cases and never provide their clients with the best level of representation. While we will always heed your guidance when serving as your commercial litigation representation, we are also not afraid to present you with the best approach to handling your litigation…even if it’s not the approach that you had in mind.


Does this mean that our attorneys don’t listen to your direction? Not at all! It means that we are attorneys with experience in commercial litigation and while we understand that you have intimate knowledge of your business, we have an intimate knowledge of commercial litigation and it requires a combination of the two to forge a strong case.


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