Medical Marijuana Law

Medical Marijuana Law and Medical Marijuana Lawyers

Medical Marijuana Law

In addition to corporate litigation and business law, Goldberg Law Group has a specialized focus on medical marijuana law.

What is Medical Marijuana Law?

Medical marijuana is marijuana that is grown by an individual or a company who is legally licensed to grow marijuana to be used for medical purposes. These companies or individuals are also licensed to dispense the medical marijuana that they produce so that registered medical marijuana patients can use it for a variety of medical reasons.

In order to legally produce, manufacture, or dispense medical marijuana, however, it’s crucial that a business or individual adhere to the strict laws and regulations that are placed on the medical marijuana industry. Our medical marijuana law attorneys here at Goldberg Law are here to help.

What Can Goldberg Law Group Medical Marijuana Law Attorneys Do for You?

There are many roles that our medical marijuana law attorneys can play when it comes to your medical marijuana business, these include:

  • Assisting with the preparation and submission of permit applications and licensing applications.
  • Handle the purchase or lease of a building that is to be used for medical marijuana growth and cultivation or dispensary.
  • Assist with negotiations with banks, business owners, vendors, and insurance companies.
  • Help with the selection of dispensary and cultivation centers from a legal standpoint.
  • Draft or assist with the drafting of business model development and organization.
  • Assist with the acquisition, buyout, or joint venture projects.
  • Conduct facility audits to provide compliance support when necessary.
  • Draft employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements.

Our Medical Marijuana Law Attorneys Can Educate You in Medical Marijuana Law

The chances are that if you plan to start up a medical marijuana business, then you are already familiar with the applicable laws and stipulations that apply to run such a business. Being familiar with the law, though, does not always mean that you understand the law and its application. At Goldberg Law Group our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of current medical marijuana regulations and before you even begin to invest in your new business, they can help you to ensure that you are making the right decision and that you fully understand the implications that starting a medical marijuana business can have.

Our Medical Marijuana Attorneys Can Guide You Through the Startup Process

One of the biggest reasons that our medical marijuana law attorneys are sought out is because an individual or a future business has an idea. They want to begin their business in the medical marijuana field, but they don’t know where to start. Fortunately, at Goldberg Law Group, this is one area where we excel.

Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the current medical marijuana laws and know what steps it takes to ensure that a new startup business is in compliance. We are also well educated in the various processes that are necessary to license a new business and can assist with the process every step of the way. This includes applying for the necessary licenses to set up a new business, assisting in creating a business plan, and drawing up necessary contracts to get the ball rolling. We don’t just leave you to it after that, though, our attorneys can also make sure that a business has the best chance of success by providing legal counsel on the most appropriate areas for a medical marijuana business to be located in the community. We will even step in and assist with negotiations for property and working with landlords and rental agencies to help to set your new business up in the ideal location.

Our Medical Marijuana Lawyers Can Help You to Maintain a Legal Business

Once a new medical marijuana business has been set up, the need for legal counsel doesn’t stop and our attorneys are happy to provide the ongoing advisement that any legal business might require.

When it comes to running a cultivation space or medical marijuana dispensary, however, the need for legal counsel is more than other industries might require. As an industry, the medical marijuana business faces much more adversity from the community as well as scrutiny from the law.  At Goldberg Law Group, our attorneys are able to assist with these complex issues as well. Whether your new (or established) business is facing challenges from the local community or whether you are under unfair scrutiny because of the nature of your business, our attorneys can provide the necessary go-between in these types of situations and help to control what may otherwise become an uncontrollable situation.

Why Goldberg Law Group Provides Medical Marijuana Law Advisement

There are many who question why such a reputable law group would represent a business that has been cast in such a negative light. At Goldberg Law Group, we believe that the medical marijuana industry is not only a beneficial solution to those with a true medical need, but it is also a great opportunity for economic growth in our communities. As medical marijuana businesses begin to take root and serve our communities, they are bringing in jobs that provide a better economic standing for us all.

When asked about our role in representing medical marijuana businesses and dispensaries, we can’t help but address the fact that the businesses that are seeking our services are not only legal businesses, but they are taking additional steps to ensure that they are abiding by the strict regulations set out by the state in regard to their business practice. At Goldberg Law Group we support legal businesses and we support responsible business owners which is why we don’t hesitate to represent medical marijuana law cases.


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