Real Estate Law

The Goldberg Law Group is a Residential Real Estate Lawyer and Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Law

As skilled real estate law attorneys, Goldberg Law Group is experienced in the unique challenges that are presented by Florida real estate law. From buying and selling to the more complex nuances of commercial real estate, our attorneys are here to help. With fifteen years of experience and a reputation of excellence, Goldberg Law Group is one of Tampa Bay’s premier real estate law firms and we’re here to serve you.

Real Estate Law You Can Feel Comfortable With

Real estate purchase and sale is a big commitment for anyone. It is our goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible with the experience by serving as your representative and advisor. It’s not just about comfort, however, having a practiced real estate lawyer on your side also ensures that your transaction is handled with due diligence and the necessary legal care.

Dealing with Real Estate Litigation

Goldberg Law Group is recognized in Tampa Bay for our high legal and ethical standards in real estate litigation. We have assisted thousands of residential and commercial real estate clients over the past fifteen years by working diligently to create custom solutions to individual obstacles that face those in need of real estate litigation representation.

Not all litigation cases fall into the same “textbook” format, yet so many real estate law professionals treat them as if they do. Our attorneys believe in discovering unique litigation solutions that settle real estate disputes effectively while keeping your specific constraints in mind.

When it comes to representing clients in real estate litigation cases, our attorneys at Goldberg Law Group have experience in a wide range of matters including:

  • Real estate purchase agreement disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud and misrepresentation
  • Broker’s commissions and indemnification disputes
  • Retention of down payment disputes
  • “Time is of the essence” clause disputes
  • Disputes over commercial leases and their provisions
  • Quiet title actions
  • Actions for specific performance
  • Easements, boundary, and property line disputes
  • Foreclosure and mortgage disputes
  • Condo conversion disputes
  • Preliminary injunctions
  • Eminent domain

It Could Happen to You…

Real estate litigation is unique in that very often, those people who find themselves involved in a case never thought they would find themselves at the center of any type of legal case. The truth is, however, that real estate litigation can occur in many different circumstances and it can just as easily happen to you as it could happen to the guy you saw on Channel 6 News.

Whether you imagined yourself as being at the center of a lawsuit or not, the fact is that when you are, the best thing that you can do is retain an experienced attorney to represent your interests and leave the talking to us. At Goldberg Law Group real estate law is not just something that we do, it’s something that we do well, and we’d be happy to take on your case so that you can get back to life as usual as soon as possible!

Residential Real Estate Law

How Can a Residential Real Estate Attorney Help You?

While our attorneys here at Goldberg Law Group made their name dealing with commercial real estate transactions, we also provide real estate legal services to residential clients in need of legal counsel. Areas in which our residential real estate law attorneys can help you include:

  • The purchase of primary or secondary residences
  • Performing a review of the property title and departmental searches
  • Drafting purchase and sale contracts
  • Reviewing leases, purchase and sales contracts
  • Assisting in the legalities and finalization of real estate sale
  • Refinancing of real estate
  • Managing lien judgments or other lien matters
  • Real estate lending representation

Whatever residential real estate service you seek our representation for it is our goal to ensure that your transaction goes through quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.

In addition to the real estate matters we have already noted, our renowned residential real estate law team also have a great deal of experience in mortgage foreclosures.

Mortgage Foreclosures

There are few investments that we make during our lifetime that are as significant as the purchase of a house. Finally being able to buy and make a home for your family is one of the most incredible feelings in the world, so when you are facing the loss of that home through mortgage foreclosure it’s important that you have someone knowledgeable on your side to fight swiftly and aggressively to protect your assets and save the home that you so lovingly built.

At Goldberg Law Group, we are more than experienced New York and Florida foreclosure attorneys, we are often the last hope for homeowners who are on the verge of losing their home to foreclosure. We fight resolutely to negotiate with or fight against mortgage companies to do everything we can to give our clients the chance they need to get life back on track or to overcome unscrupulous lenders.

If you are currently facing foreclosure on your home, allow our attorneys to work with you, your mortgage lender and their foreclosure attorneys and we can develop an outcome that is beneficial for everyone involved. By slowing down foreclosure proceedings, we can buy you the time you need or even prevent foreclosure all together!

Our attorneys also work closely with various points of contact at many reputable funding sources who are dedicated to helping those facing foreclosure. We don’t want you to feel that there is no way out of your current situation and our contacts in lending communities allow us to offer you a second chance.

“Glenn all I can say [is] Thank You. I thought my life was over. My home was just about in foreclosure and I owed the State and IRS back taxes which I could not pay. I was trying to refinance my home to restructure my debt and was turned down everywhere. I remember the day I called you, which was on a different matter and we just started talking. You said you could help and frankly, I did not believe you and just thought you were trying to make me feel better. Well, that was all in the past. You made sure I did not go into foreclosure and got me a good bank to refinance my home at good rates and I was able to pay everyone off and make my life work. Again I want to thank you. If we did not speak that day who knows where I would be.” – Mr. S

Commercial Real Estate Law

How Can a Commercial Real Estate Attorney Help You?

At Goldberg Law Group, our real estate attorneys have earned their reputation representing commercial real estate clients from all sectors of the economy. From real estate developers seeking to convert business spaces, to corporations or business owners seeking to purchase speculation real estate, we’ve got the experience to represent your needs and properly protect your interests. Areas in which our commercial real estate law attorneys can help you include:

  • The negotiation of, drafting of, and review of commercial real estate contracts
  • Bank and lender representation
  • Litigating commercial real estate disputes
  • Performing a review of the property title and departmental searches
  • Purchase and sale of commercial property
  • Drafting and review of commercial lease agreements
  • Landlord and tenant negotiation management
  • Managing lien judgments or other lien matters
  • Commercial rent abatements
  • Commercial evictions
  • Condo conversion litigation
  • Real estate litigation including trials and appeals
  • Preliminary injunctions

In addition to the areas noted above, Goldberg Law Group also handles commercial lease agreement review and landlord-tenant agreements and disputes.

Commercial Lease Agreement Review

Commercial leases are often written in such a way that business owners wind up agreeing to and getting trapped in lease clauses that they either didn’t know were in the lease to begin with or didn’t understand when they signed the lease agreement. Having a commercial real estate lawyer present to guide you through the leasing process will ensure that this doesn’t happen. At Goldberg Law Group, our attorneys have a thorough understanding of commercial business law and will always make certain that you and your business are protected in any lease signing.

Many business owners forego the process of having a real estate attorney look over commercial lease agreements simply because they don’t want to foot the expense. It’s important to understand, though, that without the services of a real estate attorney, you could wind up losing much more if something goes awry.

Landlord-Tenant Agreements and Disputes

Landlord-tenant law is another area of commercial real estate law that is complex and often overwhelming for both parties involved in the agreement. As experienced landlord-tenant lawyers, we are skilled in the management of the many types of conflicts that may arise under the landlord-tenant relationship in both New York City and in the state of Florida.

Over the past 15 years, our attorneys have a long and successful record of landlord-tenant litigation cases with clients including landlords, tenants, subtenants, licensees, and property managers. No matter which side of a commercial lease agreement you are on, we will always work diligently to protect your rights under your contract, lease, and state law because we know that both landlords and tenants have rights!

Some examples of landlord-tenant cases we specialize in include:

  • Breach of warranty of habitability disputes
  • Tenant evictions/summary proceedings
  • Rent nonpayment
  • Rent overcharge
  • Nonpayment or holdover proceedings
  • Retaliatory evictions
  • Eviction warrants
  • Trials and appeals

Representing Retail Tenants Against Overzealous Commercial Developers

  • Real estate has always been a significant part of Florida’s economy and this often leads landlords and overzealous commercial developers to gang up against retail tenants in an effort to push tenants out of a property or hike up the current agreed upon rent rate in an effort to profit. At Goldberg Law Group, we work hard to represent commercial retail tenants not only because landlords and developers are legally bound to recognize their contractual obligation, but also because we hate to see small businesses getting bullied.A typical example of this kind of situation occurs when a commercial tenant receives a written letter notifying them that the building, they are located in has sold out to a commercial developer (usually to build condos). This note either states that your rental space is being torn down or repurposed and you will have to vacate the premises or that the area directly around your rental space is going to be under construction. Either way, this almost always means that as a commercial tenant your rights are going to be violated.

    Fortunately, in this type of case, commercial real estate attorneys like ours have a firm grasp of the law and can step in to defend your rights as a tenant. We can help you to understand what is happening, what protections you are afforded as a tenant, and we will work aggressively to protect you in any litigation that may result.

Commercial Eviction

When it comes to commercial evictions or summary proceedings, Goldberg Law Group has 15 years of expertise.

Our attorneys have substantial experience representing landlords in pursuing eviction proceedings particularly when commercial tenants breach their commercial lease or refuse to vacate once proper notice to vacate the premises has been given. Our team will promptly bring an eviction action against your tenant for you and work hard to get timely results so that your financial loss as a result of your tenant is kept at a minimum.

Our attorneys also have considerable experience representing commercial tenants as they pursue landlords for improper eviction attempts as well as for harassment when landlords seek unwarranted eviction for personal gain. We have successfully fought for tenant rights against some of the largest Florida real estate developers and we’ll do the same for you!

Bank and Lender Representation

A significant portion of real estate law, both residential and commercial, is linked to banking and lending. This type of regular involvement in this financial sector has led to Goldberg Law Group serving as representation for a number of reputable banks and lenders. We are able to offer faster closings on purchases and refinancing for both lenders and loan consultants by virtue of our broad geographic coverage area which includes Pinellas, Manatee, Hillsborough and Pasco Counties in Florida.

Goldberg Law Group has considerable experience in representing both banks and lenders in acquisition financing, refinancing, work-outs, and the assignment of mortgages.

When working with your bank or lending institution, our attorneys diligently track all loan applications and mortgage loan commitments by directly contacting borrower’s attorneys to ensure that we have a head start on getting the title report and lien search ASAP. We then expedite this process even more by reviewing these documents within one day of their receipt. Once reviewed, we then send the borrower a Title Memorandum or Lien Search Memo that they can take care of any issues and are ready to close on closing day. Lastly, once the loan is cleared by the bank and on the title, our scheduling takes place within one day to ensure that you get faster closings every time!

Goldberg Law Group’s Approved Residential Institutional Lender List

Our approved residential institutional lender list includes:

  • CitiMortgage, Inc.
  • Washington Mutual Bank, FA/The Dime
  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc.
  • Mortgage IT
  • ABN Amro
  • E-Trade
  • People’s Bank
  • Wachovia